Types of Driveways


Where everyone starts to mentally calculate the value of your property. If done right, it can bring that intended charm that will make people dream of seeing what’s inside your property.

It’s like the proverbial path to the golden gates.

So how do you know which types of driveway design to go for? Let’s break down a few that you can choose from.


Resin driveways are made up of aggregate particles packed together to form a stable structure. The particles come in different colours to create more appeal.

If you have an existing tarmac, the installation gets easier since you would not need an initial groundwork. The resin quickly spreads over the tarmac and can be decorated in different colours to suit your taste. You will sure save a lot of costs there.

Resin driveways have its advantages. For instance, it is porous and dries up fast when it gets wet. That means that you will not have to regularly pull out weed growing in the driveway.


Concrete block paving is a traditional layout for driveways mostly used in suburban homes. This paving is done on a rough surface, and even though it allows weed to grow between the blocks, it is a very strong type of paving. You will incur minimal costs in maintenance and repairs.

However, when de-icing the driveway during winter, take care not to break the concrete as it can easily crack.


Asphalt driveways are made from a combination of asphalt cement, sand and rock. The asphalt driveways usually come in basic black, but a good installation company can make that design pop for you. Sadly, you cannot DIY the installation. Therefore, you need an expert.

This driveway requires regular maintenance as it is prone to cracking. That means you should plan on spending a few bucks in maintenance costs if you are going for this driveway.


For long winding country driveways, gravel is an ideal choice due to its great outdoor look. It is made up of loose gravel prepared in a barrier that keeps the particles contained.

Gravel comes loose easily so it shouldn’t be installed as a driveway for heavy machinery. For a perfect look, the gravel should be replaced after about five years to maintain its elegant look.


Cobblestone is gaining popularity as a paving choice for modern real estate properties. This is because cobblestone comes with different design choices and can be moulded to fit irregular, but artistic patterns. Its durability is also similar to concrete. It just holds up and requires little maintenance.

Since it’s a special type of paving, the installation may be a bit costly. But definitely worth it.


Crushed stones offer smoother paving in comparison to gravel. It mostly used as a driveway paving option for churches, suburbs or homes for the elderly. It offers some flexibility in colour and can fit any design of a driveway.

However, it will be harder to get the snow off the paving come winter. The stones also come loose with time and may need to be repaired after a few years.


Bricks are a common paving choice for business places. They carry a formal appeal and are quite neat. Bricks can be customised to exude a certain level of class with its wide range of colours.

The only downside of bricks is that they are costly to install.

With all that knowledge, I bet you will get it right with the type of design you pick out for your driveway. Just make sure you get a professional to set it up for you for durability purposes.

Adam Howell